for water purification of pool water, wells, reservoirs and polluted wastewater.

Ozone system for the treatment of swimming pools and polluted wastewater.


  • For cisterns, wells, pools and ponds
  • An effective combination of UV and ozone
  • Operating pressure up to 3 bar


By combining UV radiation and ozone, these systems are suitable for disinfecting larger pools, wells and ponds, but also for polluted wastewater.

While mostly clear water is well disinfected with a UV purifier.

Turbid water is disinfected by irradiation with UV light and ozone, without chlorine or other chemicals.

Pathogenic microorganisms / bacteria / viruses / fungi / germs etc … are killed or inactivated.
Our systems are environmentally friendly, economical, safe and fast.
The operating pressure for all 3 systems is a maximum of 3 bar.
Depending on the quantity and quality of water, systems of different efficiencies are available.

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